Cream Peony - Soft Touch Hijab

Cream Peony - Soft Touch Hijab

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Introducing our soft touch hijabs!
The softest hijabs you’ll ever find, *literally*. Featuring an experience like never before, these will wrap around you beautifully while being comfortable & the flow is so stunning, you’ll always want to wear them. Trust us, once you try this fabric there’s no going back. The length and width makes it easier to do any style you’d like. 

 Soft & elegant as peonies, our Cream Peony - Soft Touch Hijab is the cutest shade of Cream with subtle hues of soft pink. Ever seen a cream color that’s just right? This is that one! 

  Fully opaque material. Soft & breathable. 

 Size: 195 CM x 70 CM 

  Amazing for everyday use or occasional. 

 Use an Under-cap for maximum hold and/or Hijab magnets/pins. 


Care Instructions & Material : 


Wash with similar colors & with a soft detergent. 

  100% Polyester

  Use warm water when washing in a machine or by hand. 

 Once dry, hang/fold it so you don't need to iron. 


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