Aliya's Letter

We're all UNIQUE. This is for all the women who decide to wear a Hijab. Wanting to elevate the experience of Hijabis alongside empowering women from all backgrounds is the simple motivation behind this brand. In here, I believe that modesty in itself, is so so powerful & that we should all be proud of ourselves. 
When you scroll through the photos on our website or our social pages, you'll find one thing very clearly & that's different faces, different skin tones, different bodies. Why? Simply, to encourage everyone around. Ever since the beginning of my career as a blogger, I have always, always felt the need to encourage girls that follow me. To be able to love yourself completely is the best thing you could ever do. 
This is for you to be comfortable, to be strong, to be so powerful & kind. When you know who you are, what you're capable of, there's NOTHING that can stop you. So be kind to yourself, love yourself, love every aspect about yourself & most importantly, if you're a Hijabi, embrace it. Take pride in it. It's the most beautiful thing ever! Always keep in mind that Muslim women are spread out all over the world marking history by succeeding in Medicine, Sports, Politics, Academia & so much more. And that's the motivation you know, being able to succeed in anything and everything with Allah's Will by your side. 

You're the strongest, most vibrant, beautiful & Empowered woman ever! 


  Lots of Love,